Okay, so I have no idea how to start this blog, so I think my best best is to start with who I am. Hi, my names Brianne. I am a 21 year old Science student who loves all things fashion, beauty, and baking, and has some life experience I feel is worth documenting. I also have so much left to experience that I thought it would be fun to document all the new and exciting challenges my life has in store. I decided to start up this blog because I found myself looking back on the years and only seeing the negative. All of those things I didn’t do or say. The times I walked away when I should have spoken up or all the times I should have just walked away. Looking back at high school and my early university experiences and only seeing exams, failed friendships, missed scholarships, bad grades, and poor skincare made me start to feel empty inside. I began to feel that I had thrown away 20 years of my life. I then realized that I had actually done so much. So here we are. As I am coming to the end of my degree (and hopefully starting the next) I wanted a way to look back at the good. Those late night dance parties with my friends, or making a chocolate cake at midnight. I want to remember all the moments that make you smile (at least, I hope they will make someone smile haha. This is going to be ridiculous when I realize I am writing this too myself as if there are a million people reading. Oh well, It will be a good laugh when I’m thirty). So I am ready to embark on this next journey, and I can’t wait to see everything novel and exciting that is yet to come (fingers crossed for medical school). I hope you enjoy my journey! Talk to you all soon!


Thanks for reading